Sunday, September 9, 2012

Internet Marketing & Branding

Quality We needed.

Its a subject of promotion, popularity and success, every body want to defeat the competitor on Google and that we call SEO. google is new world we use for search, my 3 years old son knows that he is googling TV remote to change his favorite cartoon channel. Every body using google on mobile, default window on computers and every where.
If you want your self to be on top than there are simple 3 steps makes you on the top.
1. Make a simple website without much flash and images.
2. It should be content rich, unique and knowledgeable content and optimized with the target keywords
3. actively participate in the social media with your website links.

There are so many SEO freelancers moving around you, they charge for the spamming which is useless now days as white hat marketing is the process of making fresh content on social media. If you can participate in social media than your site will reach the top on the Google.
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