Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Common Mistakes While Choosing SEO Company to Promote Website

There are always two ways of making decision i.e. right way and a wrong way. Same goes while Choosing Good SEO Company for your Business or Website. In this article, we will help you regarding choosing Good SEO Company/Consultancy/Individual. If SEO is important to your business then the choice of which company or individual to choose is going to have a huge impact on whether to get great results.

There are several mistakes that people make while choosing Good SEO Company for their business or website. In this article, we will talk about 3 common mistakes.

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3 Mistakes while choosing SEO Company

Using Google As Filter

Most of the people use Google to filter for to find for good SEO Company. And our simple thinking is that a good SEO Company will do a great job in ranking for keywords related to SEO i.e. SEO Company in Delhi, SEO Consultant in Delhi, SEO Services Delhi. But do you really think a good SEO Company needs to do work in ranking for keywords related to SEO?

Good SEO Company is always overwhelmed with clients all the times because their clients refer them to their network and so on. So the company doesn’t have time and don’t spend money to rank in the google search to get new clients.

The companies which are ranking for keywords related to SEO are actually not Good SEO Company; they mainly focus on ranking their own website because they don’t have enough clients and their main focus is to get new clients. SEO Company India 

Importance of Google Partner & PPC Certification 

Google Partner and Adword Certified companies have extra advantages, these companies are trained and work according to latest guidelines. Google conduct training programs and digital marketing classes for partner firms. 

Trusting the top SEO Results (Ads)

You will always find Ads in top results whenever you search related to SEO i.e. SEO Company in Delhi, SEO Consultant Delhi etc. These are the companies that have paid money to Google to rank their website on keywords related to SEO. Most of these company just fetch the leads and sell the leads to another SEO company and earn money while other companies are meant just to make new clients.

So it’s not a good idea to believe on the paid results shown by the Google.

The Sales Pitch

Many of the people get attracted to the sales Pitch offered by the company. In most of the cases in the sales pitch, the companies say that they will offer some secret optimization technique to rank your business or website. But actually, there is no secret method in SEO. If a company hesitate or don’t tell you “how they are going to work on your project” then simply skip those companies.

So these are the 3 Mistakes that almost all people who are looking for SEO Company in Delhi make every day.

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