Monday, December 22, 2014

Small and Static Websites Can Rank Well On Google

Website Performance

Does Small Website Perform Well?
Dear Clients and my friends, big websites with lots of pages are always good for google ranking but small sites can also do better job at providing good and quality website content. All the websites including big and small are having starting from a point so having a small website does not mean that the website will not increase the pages or perform well on search engines. 

When we are promoting the website on a specific category some time we need to have new pages on the specific target, We recommend to have a new small website in this case and it will give the quick ranking. Having more pages or big website is not important but have quality content in a small site can perform better than poor quality content. 

Small websites are quicker to SEO and having a good control to manage technicality aspects, so always focus on content and page basis websites.

Organic SEO Vs Adword

Proper SEO and good optimize website impact good on organic rankings that means more traffic to your website and its always economical than feeding direct money to ad words. SEO can save you up to 70% off your cost per click so its always worth doing organic SEO.

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